Born in Liège in 1960, I soon moved to Madrid were I lived until I was 15 and attended the local french high school. I then moved to Rome, where I completed my education studying film at the professional state school ‘Roberto Rossellini’ and photography at the ‘European Institute of Design’. I started working as a camera operator in 1979. In 1982 and 1983 I worked in Lebanon with journalists Saville Ryan and Enzo Biagi covering the war.


Some of the feature films I worked on as a camera operator include: Two Brothers, by J.J. Annaud; Titus, by J. Taymor; Hudson Hawk, by M. Lehmann; Marquise, by V. Belmont; Excellent Cadavers, by R. Tognazzi for HBO; I have also worked on many commercials, including ones with G. Tornatore and W. Wenders. As a DP I have done several features: Moroccan Dream, by J. Belmejdoub; La Beautée éparpillée, by L. Zinoun; Ben Boulaid, by A. Rachedi; Black star, by F. Castellani And commercials, including: Maroc Telecom; La vache qui Rie; Rompetrol; Borotalco; Tantum Verde.

I am specialized in Aerial filming and Skorpio / Russian / Ultimate Arms.

Aerial DP in "Il Peggior Natale della Mia Vita" 2012 by A. Genovesi, "Venuto al Mondo" 2012 by S. Castellito, "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."  2013 by G. Ritchie, "Everest" 2014 by B. Kormákur.